Renor 3D panels

Renor 3D leather panel

The hand-made exclusive leather panels are the ideal wall decoration for any modern and classic interior. Not only do they provide aesthetic pleasure for the eye, but also a cozy comfort due to their heat and sound insulation propriety. Due to the wide selection of forms and shapes you can now give your private or business interior a on-of-its-kind astonishing look!

The high quality textile leather cover is compliant with the international eco-textile standard. It’s 100% anti-allergic, easy to clean, and resistant to shocks, scratching and direct sunlight. The handcrafted panels are easily glued to the wall and their special coating is nearly four times more durable than real leather!

Main areas of use

The panels are available in 150 colours and 5 basic sizes, but we also produce custom dimensions upon specific orders. For custom made leather panels orders please send your quote request to


25 x 25 cm
16 pcs/m2
79 EUR/m2 (4,94 EUR/pcs)

50 × 25 cm
8 pcs/m2
79 EUR/m2 (9,9 EUR/pcs)

50 x 50 cm
4 pcs/m2
79 EUR/m2 (19,75 EUR/pcs)

Premium plus

12,5 x 12,5 cm
64 pcs/m2
93 EUR/m2 (1,45 EUR/pcs)

25 × 12,5 cm
32 pcs/m2
93 EUR/m2 (2,9 EUR/pcs)