Pixels metal panel

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The unique PIXELS® 3D metal covering is super trendy three-dimensional indoor and outdoor wall decoration. Available in premium metallic silver, gold, champagne, coffee, red and white colours. It’s the ideal decoration for residential buildings and public areas such as hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, reception areas.

Main advantages of PIXELS® 3D metal wall panel:

✅ Super modern Italian retro design
✅ World unique 3D metal panel
✅ Durable, moisture and water proof
✅ 6 beautiful metallic finishes
✅ Suitable for hiding wires and cables
✅ Doesn’t require surface coating
✅ Sound and heat insulation
✅ Dust and dirt free fast mounting
✅ Easy to clean smooth surface
✅ 2-5 day express EU cash on delivery (COD)
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

PIXELS® metal panel is durable, resistant to impacts, easy to install, clean and maintain. It’s the perfect alternative for heavy traffic areas such as hallways, staircases and entrances. Its special hollow back side is suitable for concealed routing of audio-, computer- and electrical wires and cable ducts. The metal wall panel is also ideal for high humidity, wet premises such as bathrooms, kitchens, baths, wellness centres.

The metal covering can be assembled with an internally glued 30 mm EPS board or PU foam adhesive. As a result, the panel becomes sound and heat insulating and the working time associated with the installation will be significantly reduced.

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Technical details

Hot-dip galvanized steel
Surface treatment:
KTL Painting (E-Coat)
950±15 grams
20 mm
15 mm
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