Dream metal panel

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Dazzle Your Surroundings With DREAM® Metal Wall Panels! - Last Packages Now Up To -60% Off!

On-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor metal wall decoration with exclusive Italian 3D form. Wether you use the unique raindrop design as a centrepiece or as a backdrop, you’ll get an eye-catching effect. The durable and water resistant DREAM® metal panel is the perfect alternative for wet rooms and high-traffic areas. As its metallic surface doesn’t require any coating, it can instantly be installed onto the wall. It looks exquisitely in elegant homes, shops, spas, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels.

Main features of DREAM® 3D metal wall panel:

✅ World-unique metallic droplet shape
✅ Available in six beautiful metal colours
✅ Waterproof, heat resistant durable covering
✅ Does not require surface treatment
✅ Suitable for routing cables
✅ Excellent sound and heat insulation
✅ Simple and fast dirt-free installation
✅ Quick, easy to clean surface
✅ 30 days risk free shopping
✅ 2-5 day cash on delivery (EU)

The DREAM® metal wall panel is suitable for covering/hiding cables, cords and wires without cutting the wall. It can be used both in dry and wet rooms and has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The quick and simple mounting is done with PU foam adhesive or innerly glued 30mm EPS boards. It’s easy to clean and maintain after installation.

Order DREAM® metal wall panel now at a bargain price! The -60% discount applies to coffee, white and red metallic panels, and the -35% discount to champagne, silver and gold colours and is valid as long as stocks last.

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Technical details

Hot-dip galvanized steel
Surface treatment:
KTL Painting (E-Coat)
950±15 grams
20 mm
10 mm
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