Angel metal panel

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The exclusive three dimensional in- and outdoor wall covering serves as accent decoration in both private and business interiors. The wall panel can be easily and quickly fixed to the wall. It’s available in six beautiful metallic colours and suitable for covering wires and cable ducts. The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain. ANGEL® metal panel is the ideal decoration for stylish homes and commercial spaces such as, business centres, offices, waiting rooms, beauty salons, restaurants, coffee shops, hotel lounges and public institutions.

ANGEL® 3D metal wall panel key features:

✅ State-of-the-art metallic 3D design
✅ Premium silver, champagne, gold
✅ Countless pattern combinations
✅ Suitable for high-humidity locations
✅ Pressure and impact resistant
✅ Excellent heat and sound insulation
✅ Quick and effortless dirt free installation
✅ Easy to clean and requires low maintenance
✅ Express cash on delivery within 2-5 days (EU)
✅ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!
✅ 30 day risk free shopping

The metal panel is resistant to impact and pressure and can be used in wet rooms with excessive moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. By turning the metallic 3D panels by 90 or 180 degrees you can create numerous individual compositions on the wall. Click on the moving tile above to design your desired wall with our online designer!

You can easily install the metal panel with a 30 mm EPS board or PU foam adhesive. It doesn’t require further coating or surface treatment This not only speeds up the installation but also makes the metal panel sound and soundproof.

For more ANGEL® 3D metal panels for photos and swatches, visit our "3D Dizendom" Facebook page.

Technical details

Hot-dip galvanized steel
Surface treatment:
KTL Painting (E-Coat)
950±15 grams
20 mm
20 mm
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