Ripple leather panel

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Give Your Rooms Extra Depth and Dimension With RIPPLE® 3D Leather Panels!

The stylish spiral leather panels provide a stunning look on the walls. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but thanks to their flexible memory foam material and soft-touch leather upholstery, they radiate a pleasant energy into the space. They are water resistant and have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Available in a number of exquisite textile leather coatings, the trendy leather panels make any business or private interior unique and eye-catching in a short period of time.

Main advantages of RIPPLE® leather wall panels

✅ Innovative Italian spiral 3D design
✅ Premium quality textile leather
✅ High density memory foam internal
✅ 100% formaldehyde free and antiallergic
✅ UV-, moisture- and water resistant
✅ Does not fade in direct sunlight
✅ Impact, pressure and scratch resistant
✅ Excellent heat and sound insulation
✅ Easy to bend, cut and trim with knife
✅ Bendable, ideal for curved surfaces
✅ Simple and fast DIY installation
✅ Quickly cleanable with a damp cloth
✅ Can be reused and reattached after removal
✅ EU express delivery within 2-5 business days
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The leather covered 3D panels quickly transforms the flat walls into a spectacular and modern surfaces. Whether used in homes, offices, shops, cafes, restaurants or hotel rooms, they are guaranteed to deliver impressive results. Further advantage of 3D leather panels is that they do not burden the tiled surface due to their light weight.

As the RIPPLE® coverings are water resistant, they can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and other humid or wet rooms. The durable memory foam panels are also ideal for covering counters, doors, desks and bed headboards. They look also great as wall decoration of heavy traffic hallways, corridors and stairways.

Order your 3D RIPPLE® leather panel now at an introductory price, directly from the official EU wholesaler and importer!

Technical details

High density memory foam
Premium textile/faux leather
100% free of formaldehyde
Double-sided adhesive tape
Fire resistance:
EN13501 Class B
1100±20 grams
20±1 mm
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