Hexagon leather panel

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Bring Fresh Momentum Into Your Interior With The Innovative HEXAGON® Leather Panels.

Unmatched hexagonal leather coverings providing dazzling modern look to any private or business space. The premium abrasion resistant faux leather and special high-density memory foam material withstands impact and pressure. Due to their UV-resistant property, the soft-touch leather panels won't fade even to direct sunlight. Whether you want to cover wall sections or complete wall surfaces, the result will be equally eye-catching.

Main features of HEXAGON® 3D leather panels:

✅ Worldwide unique design and modular shape
✅ Premium quality textile / faux leather
✅ Flexible high quality memory foam material
✅ Can be mounted on curved wall surfaces
✅ 100% anti-allergenic, formaldehyde free
✅ UV-, vapour-, moisture- and water resistant
✅ Resistant to scratches, bumps and pressures
✅ Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
✅ Extremely lightweight, wall and ceiling mounted
✅ Easily trimmed and cut with scalpel or knife
✅ Quick and simple fixation with double sided tape
✅ Doesn’t require any special maintenance
✅ Easy to clean surface with a cloth
✅ Can be re-attached after removal
✅ 2-5 business days EU cash on delivery
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

They bring the interior to life in just a few minutes and provide an unforgettable sight on the walls. The innovative HEXAGON® leather panels are not only beautiful wall decorations but also excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Rotate the tiles by 90 and 180 degrees and create a variety of unique patterns and colour combinations on the wall. The coverings can be perfectly combined with HEXAGON-B® and HEXAGON-C® faux leather panels.

Thanks to their durable and water resistant nature they can be used in humid, wet rooms, on doors, hallways, headboards and desk walls. With LED lighting, you can add further unique shade effects to your inner spaces. HEXAGON® wall panels look also great as a decoration of elegant business premises, such as offices, clinics, hotels, restaurants or other public spaces.

Order HEXAGON® 3D leather panels from the official EU importer at the introductory price!

Technical details

High density memory foam
Premium textile/faux leather
100% free of formaldehyde
Double-sided adhesive tape
Fire resistance:
EN13501 Class B
110±3 grams
20±1 mm
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