Diamond leather panel

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Dress Your Flat Walls With Innovative DIAMOND® Leather Panels!

The one-of-of-its-kind 3D leather panel gives the walls a stunning look and brings luxurious atmosphere into your home or business. Its three-dimensional diamond design adds elegance and harmonious fresh energy into the space. The soft memory foam and premium textile leather, gives the panel excellent impact and pressure resistance and water repellent properties. The award-winning Italian design and premium leather texture provides a wonderful look and velvety feel to bed headboards, hallways, kitchens, living room walls. It is also ideal for decorating elegant offices, clinics, cafes, restaurants, hotels, theatres, beauty salons or other business premises.

Main features of DIAMOND® leather wall panel:

✅ Award winning Italian diamond pattern
✅ Premium leatherette / textile leather cover
✅ UV resistant, doesn’t fade under direct sunlight
✅ Flexible high density memory foam internal
✅ Formaldehyde-free, antiallergic material
✅ Pressure, impact and water resistant
✅ Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
✅ Easy to cut and trim with scalpel or knife
✅ Bendable, can be installed to curved surfaces
✅ Fast DIY installation with double-sided adhesive tape
✅ Easy to remove and reattach to the wall
✅ Quickly cleanable with a damp cloth
✅ 2-5 day cash on delivery throughout EU
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The DIAMOND® leather panel is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also excellent for reducing noise and thermal radiation from the wall. Further advantage is the panel’s low specific weight which doesn’t burden the tiled surface, it can therefor easily be fixed to walls or ceilings with double-sided adhesive tape. The abrasion resistant faux leather is easy to clean and maintain.

Due to its water repellent ability, it can safely be used in kitchens, bathrooms and other water or humid areas. Multiple unique surfaces can be created by rotating some of the panels by 90 or 180 degrees. The soft memory foam interior makes the leather panel ideal for bed headboards and as wall protection.

Order your DIAMOND® 3D leather wall panel now at an introductory price directly from the European wholesaler!

Technical details

High density memory foam
Premium textile/faux leather
100% free of formaldehyde
Double-sided adhesive tape
Fire resistance:
EN13501 Class B
1100±20 grams
20±1 mm
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