Helpful advices and information

1, The 3Dboard® bamboo, ArchiBoard® memory foam textile leather and metal wall claddings, as well as the handmade Renor faux leather panels sold in our web shop are all original premium products. The bamboo material provides optimum softness, strength and durability, making the 3Dboard® wall panels resistant to impact, pressure and other physical impacts. The perfectly cut steel ArchiBoard® wall coverings have extra strength and fits perfectly to each other on the wall, while the textile leather memory foam coverings are heat and sound insulation and have outstanding abrasion resistance. Due to their water resistant feature, both the memory foam leather and the metal wall panels are ideal for wet-rooms.

2, The mounting of the bamboo, leather and metal wall panels does not require special expertise, but inaccurate execution can have a significant impact on the final result. It’s therefore important to read the following guides before installation: 3Dboard® Bamboo Panel Installation Manual, ArchiBoard® Metal Panel Installation Manual, ArchiBoard® Leather Panel Installation Manual. If you are uncertain about the implementation, it is advisable to hire an expert, who can do the work more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

3, When planning your walls, it’s recommended to use our online Wall Planner Tool. It lets you easily design your walls within minutes. Just specify the needed size of your wall surface, choose the adequate panel from the list of elements, and freely rotate the tiles until you your get your desired wall. Once ready, you can save your work or print it as an image. You can also send the saved file to your family, friends or coworkers for comments and editing.

4, As with tiles and floor paving in general, it’s worth considering an allowance of at least 12% for the 3D wall panels as well. For this you can use the calculator tool found on each product page. Enter the net width or height of the required surface you want to decorate and the calculator will determine the number of boxes needed.

5, LED-lines hidden in gypsum frames (indirect lights) or ceiling mounted spotlights (direct lights) significantly enhance the three-dimensional effect of the bamboo, metal and leather wall panels. It’s therefore advisable to consider the size of the plasterboard frames or boxes and placement of the spotlights, as well as the routing of electrical cables and wires before installing the wall. The metal panel’s hollow back side makes it suitable for concealing wires and cable ducts without cutting the walls, while the leather and bamboo panels requires plasterboard frames or boxing.

6, For surface coating and fixation of the 3Dboard® panels we recommend solely manufacturers of premium materials. These include but no limited to Soudal, the manufacturer of sealants and adhesives, and premium paint brands such as Poli-farbe, Dulux, Caparol, Tikkurila, Behr, Hera.

7, The bamboo, leather and metal panels can be divided into three main shapes and six basic pattern types. Wholly or partially symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, and square, circle, hexagonal, petal, rugged and wavy designs. By rotating the asymmetric tiles you can create unique dynamic surfaces, while with the wholly or partially symmetrical patterns you can achieve harmonious balanced effect on the walls.

8, Due to their scale, the rectangular 80x62.6 cm bamboo panels can only be mounted sideways or assertively on the walls. When mounted horizontally, they increase the optical feel of narrower walls, making the room seem wider and more proportional. Vertically mounted, they increase the overall feeling of low ceilings and the hight of the premises.

9, Some lengthwise 3Dboard® bamboo patterns, such as CELLS, SEA, CLAVIER, OCEAN, ROOTS or DUNES, can be attached to slightly curved desks, bar counter or wall surfaces. Each 3D pattern has a different inclination, it’s therefore important to place the panels vertically on the curved surface and check the edges of the short sides so they fits perfectly to the surface. If the flange becomes corrugated, the arc is too large, making the installation not feasible. The bamboo panels are not suitable for covering low-radius surfaces such as round columns. For other curved installation it’s recommend to use Soudal FIX All Turbo or similar quick-setting adhesives.

10, The 18,7x18,7 cm and 60x60 cm leather panels, as well as the 50x50 bamboo and metal panels are ideal for highlighting wall sections, but can also be applied to achieve tiled effect on large surfaces. The world’s unique 100x100 cm, OCEAN 100® and FLAKES® designs are suitable for spacious areas. The square meters sized bamboo wall panels make the tiled surface more uniform, reduce the amount of joints and significantly speed up the assembly process. A popular decoration solutions is the use of 1x1 meter drywall gaps in which the large panels can be mounted without visible joints. With hidden LED lighting, the framed panel recesses looks exceptional in elegant hallways, lounges, stores, offices or hotel rooms.

11, When removing dust from the panels, be sure to use a lightly damp, lint-free cleaning sponges or cloths. In case of dirt, grime and grease removal use only natural, acid and solvent-free detergents.

12, Various architectural disproportions, such as large interior spaces, narrow rooms or low ceilings can be corrected by the direction and size of the coverings. By highlighting certain walls with light, dark, warm and vivid colours you can also influence the overall optical effect. Unlike strong and energetic colours which attracts the focus and shrinks the space, the light and warm tones expand the areas and exude a soothing mood into the interior. The brightly coloured panels (neon, gold, silver), due to their eye-catching effect, are well suited for large surfaces. If you want to make your poorly-proportioned room look bigger, try installing smaller blueish toned panels and ignore the use of dark coloured large dimensions.

13, When ordering, please consider that the delivery time of temporarily out of stock bamboo, metal and memory foam leather wall coverings is 8-10 weeks, while the handmade leather wall panels are manufactured within 2-3 weeks.