Frequently asked questions

What makes the 3Dboard® wall panels unique?

Most of the plastic wall panels found on the market are not only fragile and environmentally damaging, but also a serious risk to your health. They contain various toxic substances and block the natural ventilation of the walls, which with time can lead to dangerous mould. Wall panels made entirely of sugar cane are often too rigid, which can cause the tile edges to separate from the surface after installation, resulting in nasty cracks along the joints.

In contrast, the 3Dboard® wall panels are made from 100% natural material, they are flexible enough to perfectly fit small imperfections in the wall, while being extremely strong to withstand impact, friction and pressure of up to 120 kg. Due to their durable properties, they are ideal for covering high-stress surfaces such as hallways, staircases, desks and counters. The special porous material insulates sound and heat while providing natural ventilation of the wall. In addition, due to their flexible and extremely lightweight material, they can easily be mounted on ceilings and lightly curved surfaces as well.

What are the 3Dboard® panels made of?

The original 3Dboard® wall panels are made of a unique organic bamboo and plant resin mixture. The special pressed fibre blend (bagasse) is recyclable and biodegradable. This makes the wall panel 100% eco-friendly products.

What is the base material of ArchiBoard® wall panels?

The metal panels are made of 0.5 mm cold-rolled hot-dip galvanised steel sheet, while the 3D faux leather panels are made of high-density polyurethane memory foam interior and premium textile leather covering.

How are the wall panels produced?

The unique bamboo blend of the 3Dboard® panels is moulded under hot pressure to the desired 3D pattern. The heating and cooling process dissolves the plant resin, making the wall panels flexible and durable. The process does not require any chemical additives, adhesives or binders.

The galvanised steel sheets of the metal panels are formed into the three-dimensional wall claddings by means of a high-pressure hydraulic press, an edge bender and an edge cutter.

The leather wall panels are produced with a special press that glues the premium textile leather coating to the front and back side of the the three-dimensional polyurethane memory foams. This is later trimmed by a high-pressure edge cutter to the final wall panel shape.

Where are the products manufactured?

The American-owned manufacturing units and logistics centre of the 3Dboard® and ArchiBoard® are located in Beijing and central China. The hand-made Renor 3D leather panels are manufactured in Hungary, their raw materials are imported from Italy and Germany.

Are the panels fire and waterproof?

Wall panels sold in the web shop are made for decorative purposes only and are not fireproof products. The outdoor and indoor steel ArchiBoard® and PU leather wall panels are water and heat resistant and have a fire resistance grade of B1. The interior bamboo 3Dboard® panels can be optionally ordered with waterproof and B1 fire resistant cover. Both the memory foam leather panels and metal coverings are suitable for use in dry, humid, or wet rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, wellness, fitness rooms or baths.

Can I install the 3D panels myself?

Yes, most of our customers install the panels themselves, but a room painter or plasterboard specialist can do the job more efficiently. The Bamboo Panel Installation Manual, Metal Panel Installation Manual and PU Leather Panel Installation Manual pages provide detailed descriptions and video for each panel. If you get stuck or need help with designing your wall, please contact our customer support.

Can the wall panels be painted?

The bamboo wall panels are supplied in their natural state, without any surface treatment. After installation, they can be coated and re-painted over time with any choice of water based colour. Before repainting, the sanding and priming steps needs to be carried out as described in the installation guide.

The 3D metal panels are available in 6 metallic finishes, the memory foam panels in 80 premium textile fabrics, while the hand-made Renor leather panels are offered in nearly 500 faux leather variants.

Are the wall panels fragile?

No, all our panels are extremely durable and long lasting. Due to their special flexibility and strength they are resistant to long-term shocks and pressures, which makes them perfect for heavy-duty doors, kitchens desks and bar counters. The heavy duty bamboo, leather and metal wall panels are also ideal for lobbies, corridors, offices, shops and other high traffic areas.

Why does the metal panel have a brims?

A folded 30 mm brims are required to precisely fit the panels to each other and to hide the inner EPS board or foam filling which insulates the wall from sound and thermal radiation. They are also required to hide wires, cables and cable ducts. For more information, see the 3D metal panel installation guide.

Does dust accumulate on the wall panels?

As with all home furnishings, dust will over time deposit on the leather, metal and bamboo 3D wall panels as well. Dust removal can be done quick and easily with a lint-free rag, sponge or antistatic wipe.

What payment options are available?

1. By bank transfer to ОТP Bank, 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, 2 Kossuth Square, Hungary (IBAN) HU73117350672140988200000000 (SWIFT OTPVHUHB).
2. By MasterCard, Maestro or VISA and VISA Electron via OTP Bank's SimplePay payment interface.
3. To the courier in cash or with credit/debit card upon receipt of the goods. (Not available in all EU countries)

How much is the delivery fee?

Weight (kg) 1. zone 2. zone 3. zone 4. zone
3,01 kg - 10,00 kg 16 € 20 € 27 € 40 €
10,01 kg - 20,00 kg 17 € 21.5 € 28.5 € 43 €
20,01 kg - 31,50 kg 18 € 23 € 30 € 48 €
Zone Country
1. zone Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia
2. zone Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Romania
3. zone Bulgaria, Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Italy, Sweden
4. zone Greece, Finland, Portugal, Spain

For orders which weight exceeds the maximum 31,5 kg/parcel, an extra shipping fee will be applied according to above table.

Cash on delivery (COD)

COD amount Fee
1 - 100 € 4.7 €
101 - 500 € 6.1 €
501 - 1000 € 7 €
1001 - 2500 € 9.4 €

When will i receive my order?

Delivery time for in stock products within Europe is 2-5 business days, otherwise 3-10 weeks depending on product and quantity.

Parcels are delivered by DPD courier. Delivery will be on business days until 5 pm. Early morning on the day of delivery a notification will be sent out of the expected delivery time range. Courier service staff do not always have the opportunity to call prior to their arrival, it’s therefor important that you provide a delivery address where you or your representative can pick up the parcels during the day.