Original ArchiBoard wall panels since 2008

The eco-friendly 3Dboard®

Eco-friendly products

The 3Dboard® wall panels are environmentally friendly and of outstanding quality products. They are 100% compliant with the strictest ecological requirements for eco-products. The three-dimensional panels are made of a special blend of bamboo fibres and sugar cane cellulose binder and produced with a unique heat-pressing technology. The various 3D patterns bring the flat walls to life and gives the the interiors an exciting new look. No chemical components are used during the production. The recommended installation supplies, such as adhesives, primers and paints are all environmentally friendly products. As our eco panels are extremely durable and flexible, they serve their owner for a long time. The recyclable and biodegradable wall panels contributes greatly to the preservation of the ecological balance.


Did you know that evergreen bamboo can be the raw material of the future?
Depending on its species the versatile plant can be harvested within 1-5 years, potentially producing billions of tonnes of industrial crop per year. Its outstanding carbon dioxide absorption makes bamboo excellent for capturing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This densely growing plant doesn’t require any pesticides or fertilisers during its cultivation. Its recovery after harvesting is extremely rapid and it swells, cracks or deforms much less than any tree species due to humidity and temperature changes. Bamboo is therefore utilised for a wide range of purposes.


The cellulose-rich sugar cane plant is made of extremely hard fibres and can be recycled several times a year. Every 10 tons of extruded sugar cane produces almost three tons of bagasse (pressed residue). The extruded bagasse material is very light weight, durable, and has exceptional thermal insulation and water resistance proprieties. As bagasse is a by-product of the sugarcane industry, its resupply is available in large quantities. This enables the production of a wide range of environmentally friendly products such as the 3Dboard® wall panels.

Reduce your ecological footprint

Every life leaves some sort of imprint on the Earth. We are moving in the right direction if our activity makes it smaller. By using environmentally friendly products such as our bamboo wall panels you can now contribute to reducing your own eco-footprint.

What is your ecological footprint? Click the link to find out your biggest areas of resource consumption and how to tread more lightly on the environment.