Vintage bamboo panel

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Take Your Interior To a New Level With The Elegant VINTAGE® Wall Cladding

Give your walls an extra dimension and a classic look with our premium quality 3D wall covering. The panel is made of 100% eco-friendly natural bamboo material. The elegant Italian 3D design is the ideal decoration for commercial and residential interiors such as homes, offices, shops, shop windows, restaurants, cafes, bars or beauty salons.

Main Features Of The Originaal VINTAGE® Bamboo 3D Wall Panel

✅ Unique Italian pattern
✅ 100% nature friendly material
✅ Incredibly lightweight
✅ Impact and pressure resistant
✅ Withstands loads up to 120 kg
✅ Flexible for curved wall mounting
✅ Ensures the natural “breathing” of the wall
✅ Improves the acoustic comfort of the room
✅ Quick and simple DIY installation
✅ Easy to maintain smooth surface
✅ EU delivery within 2-5 business days
✅ 30 day money back guarantee

The lightweight and durable wall panel can be mounted on ceilings, sidewalls, counters and dividers. After fixation, it can be painted and repainted with water-based latex paint. By rotating the panels you can create uniquely customised wall or ceiling compositions. Click the above tile and build your virtual wall with our 3D free online designer software.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The market is flooded with various toxic plastic panels of unknown origin, using such wall panels may be a risk to your health and the environment. Meanwhile 3D coverings made solely of sugar cane are usually too rigid to perfectly fit the wall, causing ugly cracks along the seams. In contrast, the affordable bamboo VINTAGE® wall panel is 100% nature friendly, extremely lightweight, still very durable to resist long-term friction and pressure. Therefore, it can also be used in heavy-duty walkways, children's rooms, stairways, on kitchen islands, reception or bar counters.

Order your VINTAGE® covering at lowest price directly from the official EU wholesaler's 3D wall panel web shop.

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Technical details

Bamboo based plant fibre
100% eco-friendly, non-additive
Primary colour:
Natural off-white
After priming to any colour
275±10 grams
1,35 mm
17 mm
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