Scute bamboo panel

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Give An Extra Dimension To Your Flat Walls With SCUTE® Wall Panel!

Decorative Italian 3D scale design made of 100% non-additive and anti-allergenic bamboo material. The special hollow 3D wall panel improves the acoustics and microclimate of the room and gives an extravagant and stylish look to your home, business or any institutional premises.

Main Advantages Of The Original SCUTE® Bamboo 3D Wall Panel

✅ First class quality since 2008
✅ 100% anti-allergenic, organic
✅ Naturally breathing material
✅ Outstanding value for money
✅ Elegant, exclusive Italian design
✅ Withstands pressures up to 100 kg
✅ Improves room acoustics
✅ Reduces heat from the wall
✅ Installation requires no expertise
✅ Easy to clean smooth surface
✅ 2-5 days EU cash on delivery
✅ 30 day satisfaction guarantee

As Its specific gravity is extremely light, it can be used for decorating slope walls or ceilings. After application, it can be painted with any elastic water-based paint and several times repainted. Mounted horizontally it widens the space while vertically enlarges the optical hight of the room. Click the above tile and create your desired wall in minutes with our 3D designer software.

Unlike wall panels made exclusively from rigid sugar cane or cheap and toxic plastic of unknown origin, the 100% eco-friendly SCUTE® 3D wall panel has a great value-price ratio. It’s also flexible enough to absorb minor inequalities in the wall, meanwhile it’s strong to withstand longstanding pressures and impacts. It can therefore be used on heavy-duty surfaces such as children's rooms, kitchen Islands, corridors, staircases or bar counters.

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Technical details

Bamboo based plant fibre
100% eco-friendly, non-additive
Primary colour:
Natural off-white
After priming to any colour
275±10 grams
1,38 mm
18,5 mm
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