Roots bamboo panel

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Dazzle Your Surroundings With Premium ROOTS® 3D Wall Panel!

The beautiful wavy Italian 3D design is a very popular wall decoration solution among interior designers. The unique three-dimensional indoor wall panel creates special light shades and harmony in any interior. Once installed it will be the central spectacular element of any house, flat, office, hotel, store, restaurant, beauty salon or any other business premises.

Advantages Of The Original ROOTS® Bamboo 3D Wall Panel

✅ Prime quality since 2008
✅ Award winning wavy Italian design
✅ Breathable, anti-allergenic material
✅ Excellent price-value ratio
✅ Withstands pressure up to 120 kg
✅ Adapts to small irregularities in the wall
✅ Excellent fit on curved surfaces
✅ Heat insulator and acoustic enhancer
✅ Quick and simple DIY installation
✅ Fast 2-5 delivery throughout EU
✅ 30 day money back guarantee

IMPORTANT NOTE! Unlike various fragile no name PVC and sugar canes replicas of dubious origin, the original ROOTS® bamboo wall panel is 100% eco friendly, it fits perfectly to the wall, and resistant to long-term impacts. Therefore, it's perfectly suited for hallways, counters, corridors, staircases, kitchen islands or any other surfaces that are subject to heavy use.

The special air-permeable material ensures the adequate ventilation, improves the acoustics in the room, while its cavities insulate the thermal radiation from the wall. Thanks to its light weight (just 550 grams), it is also perfectly suitable for decorating ceilings. The corrugated 3D wall panel is a novelty in any interior. The horizontal or vertical installation of the panel, proper colour shade, and illumination can all have a profound effect on the spatial appearance of the premise.
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Technical details

Bamboo based plant fibre
100% eco-friendly, non-additive
Primary colour:
Natural off-white
After priming to any colour
550±15 grams
1,48 mm
22 mm
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