Ocean bamboo panel

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Bring Your Interior a Magestic Look With The OCEAN® 3D Wall Panels!

Whether you want to highlight entire walls or specific sections of a wall, the beautiful OCEAN® wall panel will guaranteed bring your space a new and spectacular appearance. The wavy 3D wall panels are perfect for decorating private and business interiors, such as apartments, meeting rooms, store windows, solariums, offices, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, or any other private or public premises.

Advantages Of The Original OCEAN® Bamboo 3D Wall Panel

✅ One of its kind Italian sea wave design
✅ Original, first class quality since 2008
✅ 100% eco friendly and anti-allergenic
✅ Special breathable lightweight material
✅ Soft backing that fits to the surface
✅ Withstand up to 120 kg pressure
✅ Acoustic and thermal insulation
✅ Easy installation on any wall or ceiling
✅ Quick and easy to clean
✅ 2-5 days express delivery
✅ 30 day risk free shopping
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

IMPORTANT! PVC and various plastic wall panels are not only fragile, but they seal the natural ventilation of the wall, which can lead to mould and health issues. On the other hand, panels made entirely of sugar cane are usually rigid and may peel off after installation, causing ugly cracks at the joints. In contrast to this, the original OCEAN® 3D wall panel’s special breathable bamboo material is soft enough to perfectly match the slight inequalities of the wall. The surface withstands long-term impacts, such as friction and pressures up to 120 kg! Due to its durable properties, it is also suitable for decorating heavy traffic areas, such as staircase and hallway walls, columns or bar and kitchen desks.

The special 3D effect and air cavities pattern improves the acoustics of the room and reduces the radiant heat from the wall. As the panel is extremely lightweight and flexible it can be mounted on ceilings and vertically on curved surfaces as well. Once glued it can easily be painted with a brush or spray gun.

Thanks to its extensive use, you can achieve stunning effects in the decoration of your home or business environment.

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Technical details

Bamboo based plant fibre
100% eco-friendly, non-additive
Primary colour:
Natural off-white
After priming to any colour
550±15 grams
1,5 mm
26,5 mm
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