Cells bamboo panel

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Give Your Flat And Lifeless Walls A New Dimension With CELLS® Wall Panel!

This gorgeous wall covering gives any home or business interior a completely new and stylish character. Due to its harmonic wave pattern, wide range of application, as well as eco-friendliness, the 3D bamboo panel is a popular option among interior designers and decorators. The special hollow material improves the microclimate, acoustics and the general comfort of the room. Due to its low weight and flexibility, it can also be used on ceilings and slightly curved surfaces.

Main Features Of The Original CELLS® Bamboo 3D Wall Covering:

✅ Unique Italian appearance
✅ Superior quality since 2008
✅ 100% organic and anti-allergenic
✅ Outstanding price/value ratio
✅ Durable heavy-duty surface
✅ Withstands loads up to 120 kg
✅ Flexible backing fits perfectly to the wall
✅ Insulating and improves the acoustics
✅ Can be used on curved surfaces
✅ Simple do-it-yourself mounting
✅ Easy to clean smooth surface
✅ 2-5 business days EU delivery
✅ 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The stylish 3D wall panel brings an exclusive look to any inner space, whether it's a newly built or renovated apartment, house, restaurant, office, cafe, hotel, sports facility, shop window or public institution.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Most 3D wall coverings are made entirely of rigid sugar cane, easily broken and expensive gypsum or various types of toxic PVC plastic. In contrast to this, the wallet-friendly CELLS® 3D panel is 100% Eco-friendly, flexible enough to adapt to small surface imperfections, yet strong to withstand long time impacts and pressure. This makes the bamboo panel ideal for heavy-duty children's rooms, walkways, reception, kitchen and bar counters.

Order original CELLS® coverings for the lowest price directly from the EU distributor’s 3D wall panel web shop!

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Technical details

Bamboo based plant fibre
100% eco-friendly, non-additive
Primary colour:
Natural off-white
After priming to any colour
275±10 grams
1,4 mm
19 mm
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