Bricks bamboo panel

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Bring Your Empty Walls To Life With BRICKS® 3D Wall Panels!

The unique 100% eco-friendly 3D brick design is the ideal decoration for both private and business use. It’s the perfect alternative for modern interiors such as homes, offices, store fronts, coffee shops, restaurants, beauty salons and hotel rooms.

BRICKS® 3D Wall Panel is extremely lightweight (only 275 grams) so it can easily be mounted on a walls and ceilings. The special porous material enhances the acoustics of the room, insulates heat while ensuring the natural breathing of the wall. As the panel withstands pressure up to 120 Kg it can also be used on heavy duty surfaces such as kitchen islands, hallways, staircases and bar counters.

Main Benefits Of The Original BRICKS® 3D Bamboo Wall Coverings:

✅ Modern Italian 3D design
✅ Premium quality since 2008
✅ Excellent value for money
✅ 100% Eco-Friendly organic material
✅ Up to 120 kg surface pressure capacity
✅ Can be used on desks or as baseboards
✅ Flexible fits perfectly to the wall
✅ Reduces noice and insulate heat
✅ Quick and easy to install and clean
✅ Delivery in EU within 2-5 business days
✅ 30 day money back guarantee

IMPORTANT NOTE! Various plastic PVC panels of dubious origin are not only fragile, but also a potential hazard to the nature and your health. Installation of such panels may lead to dangerous mould as they blocks the natural ventilation of the wall. On the other hand, 3D wall panels made entirely of sugar cane are usually rigid, so when installed, their edges will stick off the wall, resulting in nasty joint cracks. Contrary the flexible BRICKS® bamboo wall panel is 100% organic, nature friendly and adapts perfectly to the surface.

Once mounted, the panel can be painted to any colour and repainted multiple times later. Thanks to its asymmetric design it offers countless pattern combinations on the wall. Click the moving 3D tile above and create your own wall in minutes with help of our easy-to-use software.

Order your original BRICKS® 3D wall panel now directly from theEuropean wholesaler and dazzle your surroundings!

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Technical details

Bamboo based plant fibre
100% eco-friendly, non-additive
Primary colour:
Natural off-white
After priming to any colour
275±10 grams
1,38 mm
19,5 mm
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