Original ArchiBoard panels since 2008

Bring your walls to life with Archiboard 3D panels

Since its 2008 introduction, the innovative 3DBoard® brand has made a recognition all around the world. The custom designed 100% eco-friendly bamboo wall panels add an extra dimension to the walls and inject a unique atmosphere into the premises. The durable light-weight bamboo material, state-of-the-art 3D designs and outstanding price/value ratio makes the wall panels perfect for both private and professional use.

The countless forms, colours and sizes (50x50, 53,5x50, 80x62.5 and 100x100 cm) provide endless creative design possibilities on the wall. You can now quick and easily transform the look of your home or business into a flawlessly beautiful space. Whether you're covering wall sections or entire wall surfaces, the natural 3DBoard® wall panels deliver stunning result for any interior!

28 different bamboo designs

The 3Dboard® wall panels are available in 4 sizes and 28 dazzling three-dimensional textures, such as the diamond, dune, petal, circle, cube, hexagon, brick and wave designs.

The special bamboo-based wall panels can be fixed with minimal joint distance and be painted in any colour of chose (including metallic colours). Thanks to their wide product range, they can be used to decorate any modern or classic interior.

Take a look at our stunning 3D bamboo wall panels and create your desired 3D wall or ceiling in minutes with our online designer!

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How to install 3D Bamboo Wall Panels

3Dboard® wall panels are extremely lightweight and flexible due to their special bamboo component. Can easily be fixed to wall or ceiling surfaces with Soudal FixAll or similar SMX hybrid polymer adhesive. Check out our short installation video!

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3D Metal Wall Panels

The unique and versatile metal 3D wall panels are not only suited for exterior cladding, but can also be used to create eye-catching interior walls.The 50x50 cm metal panels comes in 7 elegant designs and 6 wonderful metallic colours (gold, silver, white, red, coffee, champagne) .

The trendy 3D steel panels can dress up any home, office, store, restaurant or hotel room in a matter of hours. Due to their quick mounting and re-mounting, they are also great as backdrop for theatres and movie studios. The 3D metal panels can also be safely mounted on building facades. Further special feature is the hollow backside which allows hiding of television cords, internet cables and electrical ducts without wall chiseling.

Take a look at our full range of metal panels and design your wall surfaces with the free 3D wall design program!

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How to install 3D Metal Panels

The metal panels can be easily mounted on a desired wall or facade in a logical and easily understandable order. All you need for the quick and efficient assembly is a spirit level, a measuring tape, a marker pencil and foam adhesive.

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3D Leather Wall Panels

2020 3D leather wall panel lineup has something for everyone!

The high density memory foam wall panels are covered with a soft velvety like leather surface. With their help you can give any private or business space an eye-catching unique look. Available in a wide range of innovative patterns, colours and textures, the leather panels offer almost infinite variation. Thanks to their elastic and adaptable material, you can personalise your cold and unfriendly walls within a few hours.

The 3D leather panels are not just beautiful wall decorations, but they provide excellent thermal and sound insulation as well. In addition, their scratch, water and UV resistant material makes them suitable for covering wet rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets as well as walls exposed to direct sunlight. Due to their enduring material, they can be used for decorating high demand surfaces, such as hallway and staircase walls, doors or bed headboards.

Our elegant leather tiles will give homes, offices, shops, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, hotels or any other public spaces a shiny and luxurious look. No matter which panel you choose, you can be assured that your residential or business space will shine out from the rest.

Check out our unparalleled range of 3D leather wall panels and fill your premises with stylish fresh momentum!

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How to install 3D Leather Wall Panels

The flexible leather wall panels can quickly be mounted with glue or double sided adhesive tape. They can be easily cut and shaped to size using a knife or wallpaper scalpel. Thanks to their lightweight bendable material they can simply be installed to walls, ceilings and curved surfaces. Please read easy-to-follow instructions.

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